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Announcement: Attica Rage - End of an Era

By AtticaRageHQ, Dec 7 2018 11:55AM

To all our fans, friends & Clan Attica family:

It is with heavy hearts that we announce our decision to put Attica Rage on an indefinite hiatus.

A combination of personal events, circumstances and emotions over the last two years have made it more and more difficult to keep the band at the top of our game and to keep pushing forward. We feel that, after a very successful 16-year run, we have taken the band as far as we can for now and we have reached a point where we need to step back, take time out from this crazy rollercoaster of the music industry and all the pressures that go with it. We are calling an end to this chapter of the band with a long-term break and no plans for recording or touring for the foreseeable future.

It has been an extremely hard decision to make. Attica Rage has been our life for so long and we never expected to be writing this sort of announcement. But there are a number of contributing factors that has led to this decision and we feel that our fans deserve a full, honest explanation.

Lemmy's death in December 2015 ushered in a long, two-year succession of family deaths for Richie and Jonny including our Dads Willie and Allan, as well as our Gran and many other close family, friends and work colleagues. This really knocked the wind out of our sails. It has been a continual, emotional struggle to try and regain the focus, energy and motivation to get the band back on track. Song-writing, creativity, band management, promotion, touring, networking, seeking out new opportunities, social media, websites, videos .....almost every part of the Attica machine that used to run full-throttle for so many years has suffered to some extent. But it's not just been down to personal turmoil. Availability is also a major issue - it has become increasingly difficult for the band members to get together for rehearsals, writing sessions and to commit to gigs & tours due to work commitments, clashing shift patterns and limited annual leave. Add to all of this the pressures of navigating and competing within the music business and the financial costs. Sadly, at this point in time, there are just far too many factors working against us and we are not in a strong enough position to continue our journey in this current situation.

Since 2003, we have chased our dreams and achieved a huge amount with many amazing experiences along the way. Attica Rage had existed in a different guise in previous years but when we chose to reuse the name for this new band, it reached far wider and we achieved much more than we ever expected. We have released over 60 recordings on demos, an EP, four critically-acclaimed albums, singles, bonus tracks and compilations as well as a feature-length documentary & live concert film. We have toured the UK and Europe, playing hundreds of headline shows and festivals and have supported and shared stages with some of the biggest names in rock & metal, including many of our own musical heroes. There has been radio airplay, magazine & newspaper coverage and live TV performances. It has been one hell of a ride and we would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous band members and all the industry that have supported us during this chapter - management, record labels, venues, festivals, promoters, agents, radio stations & DJs, producers & engineers, journalists, reviewers, photographers, PR and all the stage & road crew - the list is endless. We also want to thank our loyal fans - the Clan Attica - who have supported us on the journey, travelling far & wide to come to our shows, buying our music and merchandise and even getting themselves inked with Attica Rage tattoos. We have never taken your passion, enthusiasm and belief in the band for granted, nor the considerable investment of time and money either. It has been an absolute privilege to play to audiences who genuinely love our music and to whom it means so much. A band can't ask for any more than that and your valued support has helped fuel our own perseverance and determination along the way to make Attica Rage an established name in the UK heavy music scene and beyond.

We hope you will understand the circumstances we find ourselves in. This isn't a permanent farewell. We want to preserve our reputation and legacy and perhaps time-out will give us a new focus, inspiration and motivation to get back in the ring. But for now, we’re taking a step down. Our website www.atticarage.com and online store will remain active and we'll post periodically on social media. There are hundreds of hours of YouTube videos to explore and our back catalogue is on every major music site so crank it up loud and keep listening & sharing!

Finally, a special thanks and mention go to our parents and our partners Suzanne, Linda and Nikki for their unconditional love, support and encouragement every step of the way. None of our achievements over these last years would have been possible without them.

That's all for now, folks.

We salute every one of you!

Attica Rage


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